Canobie Lake Protective Association


Final Minutes of Annual Meeting: July 17, 2016



Arrival of members at 6:30.  Socializing around the pictures of the waterfront homes. Meeting called to order at 6:50 at Searles School and Chapel

In attendance (a quorum):  Bill Schroeder, president; Ginny Campiola, secretary; Betty Dunn, Treasurer; Dale Valvo, director, Peter Griffin, director; Suzanne Moore, director, and 25 other members of the CPLA and 9 non-members.

The meeting opened with Dale Valvo introducing Tom O’Brien, President of NH Lakes.  Tom presented Bill Schroeder the John F. Morten Memorial Award for Exemplary Lake Stewardship.  Tyler Querol, represented Canobie Lake Park and participated in the ceremony.

Tom shared that there are 1,000 lakes in NH.  He also provided 50 copies of the booklet New Hampshire Lakes and YOU, a guide to clean, healthy & safe lakes.

Rev. Odie Odierna led some fun social interaction activities.

Welcome, introduction and report/discussion led by Bill Schroeder

1.     Approval of minutes 7/19/15 annual meeting – motion, 2nd, and passed

2.     Activities of the year:

a.     Bill Schroeder – Bill described concerns about the Canobie Lake watershed as a result of the 2016 Windham zoning change that occurred when a citizen’s zoning petition (CP1) passed, and thereby allowed greater impervious surface areas and larger scale development in the watershed.  Right now there are proposals for three 24-unit apartment buildings at 1 North Lowell Road and 21 Indian Rock Road.  This is in the Cobbetts Pond watershed area, and this first test of CP1 will be addressed at the July 20 Windham Planning Board Meeting.  The proposed hotel project (off Exit 3 near Klemm’s Mobil), that would have been in Canobie’s watershed, has been cancelled.  It is unknown what will be proposed for that site.

b.     Bill Schroeder I-93 Construction Storm Management – The NH DOT won an award from the Northeast Association of State Transportation Officials for its work in protecting Canobie Lake and Cobbett’s Pond while working the I-93 renovation project.

c.     Steve Bortone – Weed watching in Canobie Lake – made attendees aware that there is a team of people who have volunteered to go out in boats or kayaks in search of weeds beginning in May and continuing through September.  The team is taking photos and/or samples and reporting back to Steve.

d.     Dale Valvo – Chloride in Canobie Lake – New study with DES – Explained that periodic samples are being taken and submitted to DES.  Explained the Conductivity Mapping Project Map, on display at the meeting.

e.     Ginny Campiola – Membership Report - hit 123…highest yet. Ginny Campiola – Welcome to Canobie Brochure -  Went out to all Lake Association members.  Also available at several locations throughout Salem and Windham.  Copies were also given to Windham’s Black Moose.  They put bags together to welcoming new residents to the community and are including the brochure.  

f.      Betty Dunn – Treasurers Report – Operating Fund Balance as of 7/17/16 - $19,125.  Financial Report attached to meeting minutes.

g.     Jeff Boyer and Suzanne Moore – Recent Meeting with Salem Officials; New Salem water use restrictions – Lake levels are very low – 217’.  As a result, Salem has initiated a mandatory water use restriction.

h.     Jeff Boyer for Dave Blake – Canobie Loon family status – The loons abandoned the nest and the two eggs.  Unclear why.  Experts to take the eggs and determine what might have happened.

i.      Marian Johnson – July 4 Parade – It is the one event that brings lake owners together socially.  Encouraged others to participate.

3.     Election of Officers:

a.     New Nominees – voted in for 2 years:

                                               i.     Dale Valvo, president; Motioned, 2nd, and passed

                                             ii.     Jeff Boyer, director from Salem; Motioned, 2nd, and passed

                                            iii.     Bill Schroeder, director from Windham; Motioned, 2nd, and passed

                                            iv.     Marian Johnson, director from Windham; Motioned, 2nd, and passed

b.     Other Current Board Members: Betty Dunn, treasurer; Ginny Campiola, secretary; and Suzanne Moore, Director from Salem are serving the second year of their 2-year term.

4.     Presentation of Door Prizes:

a.     Several door prizes were given out, to include: Etched glasses, Canobie Lake flags, coasters, among other items.

5.     Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.  Many stayed to socialize for a while longer.