Swans & Loons on Canobie Lake

On June 28, 2013 two mute swans were seen swimming together in the northern part of the lake.  They are all white, and gorgeous.  At least one swan has been seen on the lake, at various times, as far back as late May.  You may recall that we had four swans last summer.  For a photo from last summer, see the post from June 2012. We have had two, and sometimes three, loons residing on Canobie Lake this summer.  In early June one of the loons climbed up on the raft, made a nest, and stayed there for several days according to Dave Blake, our loon watcher.  Then she left.  We don't know why.  But it appears we won't have a loon chick this summer.  When we have more information from the Loon Society, we'll let you know.