Asian Clam has been reported by DES in Canobie Lake

Asian clam.jpg


The Weed Watchers Program lead by Stephen Bortone shared the following information.  A report from NH DES that the Asian Clam has been reported from Canobie Lake by DES staff. (  It was first seen in NH from Merrimack in 2012. If you look at the point on the map ( and enlarge it you will note that the location for the clam in Canobie Lake is near the boat launch site on the north shore. I am not sure if this is the exact location. See the attached reference pictures, (not pictures from findings in Canobie Lake, but in Lake George, NY), indicates its relative size and color (although that can vary). Not sure what we can do about it except to be aware that it is present in our lake and to let us know if you see something like this.