Good news! Lakes recovering from acid rain

Whatever happened to acid rain?  Remember how we used to talk about how our lakes were getting more acid, and fish couldn't reproduce, etc. ?  There's good news to share. Acid rain is diminishing, and our lakes in New England are cleaning up from it. Quote from a recent research study:

“This is really good news for New England. Lakes are accelerating in their recovery from the past effects of acid rain. Our data clearly demonstrate that cleaning up air pollution continues to have the desired effect of improving water quality for our region’s lakes,” said NHAES researcher William McDowell, professor of environmental science and director of the NH Water Resources Research Center.

Here's the link to a newspaper article with more info:

A point worth remembering - the power generating industry fought hard against the EPA regulations that reduced acid rain.  The EPA prevailed.  If we want a cleaner environment we have to struggle for it, against the "powers that be".