Canobie Lake Water Levels-IT’S LOW....

 The water level of Canobie Lake is low for this time of year.  It was 218.75 MSL (feet above sea level) on June 15. The full level is 220.0 feet. 

We are experiencing an extremely long period of dry weather.  Starting last June 2015 and going right through November 2015, Southern NH experienced the worst drought since the 1960’s. We received little snow this winter, and already this spring we are 2.95 inches below average rainfall (Acu-Weather data).  All the lakes in the local area were slow to fill this spring.  Canobie Lake never filled up.  The highest level it reached was 219.45.

The Salem water treatment plant usually shifts their water source from Arlington Pond to Canobie Lake on May 1.  This year they delayed until May 18, to give Canobie more time to fill.  But they had to switch on May 18 because of an equipment problem in the Arlington Pond pumping station.  We appreciate their effort to give Canobie more time to fill.

            Thanks to Frank Giordano of the water treatment plant for the technical information.