Please don't put yard waste in the lake

We'd like to encourage folks to not put yard waste in the lake. This includes leaves, grass clippings, branches and brush. This material ultimately settles to the bottom of the lake, decomposes and makes a fertile bed for weeds to grow. And we're all concerned about keeping the weed growth down.

We know that some leaves blow into the lake naturally. But we don't need to add to it. That just accelerates a process called eutrophication, which is not a good thing. If you see somebody doing it, please give them a friendly reminder that it's not good for the lake. If you don't have a place to put yard waste on your own lot, Windham and Salem provide places where it can be dumped and turned into compost.

Salem Announces Water Use Restrictions

Due to the drought conditions, the Salem Selectmen have adopted the following water restrictions for all customers of the Town’s water system:

  • No outside use of water of any kind between the hours of 7:00 AM and midnight by any residences or businesses. The only exceptions to this restriction are commercial car washes, cash crops, farms, flower shops or garden centers.

  • Use of outside water is permitted between the hours of midnight and 7:00 AM for irrigation or watering of lawns/gardens only on ODD numbered days.

For more details see:

Loons on the raft - On, Off, ON!

Early in June the loon pair that resides on Canobie Lake nested on the raft for a few days. Then they abandoned the nest. It may have been because some boaters got very close to the raft and frightened them off. It may have been because a marauding animal took the egg.

On or about June 23, they resumed nesting on the raft. Our official loon watcher, Dave Blake, reports there are now two eggs on the nest! Yippee! If all goes well, they should hatch around July 21.

Ice Safety - Be Careful Out There

It's been a strange winter for ice on Canobie Lake.  Sheltered coves began to freeze in early January, but other parts froze later and the main part of the lake still has open water.  So the ice thickness is not uniform.  It may be thick enough to support you near the shore, but not a little farther out.

Last weekend (January 30 & 31) the air temperature went up into the fifties, and there was considerable ice melting.  The usual advice is that 4 inches of ice is thick enough to support individuals, but that's for clear ice.  Ice that has melted and refrozen may be weaker than that.  Be careful.  Err on the side of safety.

Welcome to Canobie Lake Brochure

The Canobie Lake Protective Association has just published its first Welcome brochure. It contains lots of useful information about the lake, and photos of its natural beauty, peacefulness, and opportunities for enjoyment. It also has information about protecting and preserving the lake, and restrictions that apply. We hope this will answer questions that visitors and new residents have, and inspire them to Love the Lake, as we do.

Ledgeview Project Canceled!

In a somewhat surprising development it was announced on Wednesday, January 13 that Ryan Development, LLC, is no longer authorized to represent the owner of the property where the Ledgeview project was to take place. The town of Windham was asked to withdraw all the pending applications by Ryan regarding this project.


This is good news! Ledgeview was going to be a very dense shopping center, which did not come close

Large Developments in the Canobie Lake Watershed

There are two large commercial developments being proposed in Windham that are located near Exit 3 in the Canobie Lake watershed.  One is Gateway Park, located at the site of the former golf course and driving range at the intersection of Route 111 and 111A.  The other is Ledgeview, located between the new alignment of 111A and the northbound lanes of I-93, in what was formerly the median of I-93.  Each project is about 30 acres in size.


The CLPA Board is concerned that these projects could adversely affect Canobie Lake,

Annual Meeting Report - 2015


The CLPA held its Annual Meeting on July 19 at the Searles School and Chapel in Windham. Members began arriving at 6:30 PM and browsed through the information displays that were arranged around the room. There was a display of 182 brand-new photos of waterfront homes posted on the walls of the room. The photos were arranged in order, so walking around the room was like a cruise around the lake! Special thanks to Marian Johnson for the photography, and Ginny Campiola for the inspiration.

Fourth of July Boat Parade

Thanks to all of the enthusiastic participants in the boat parade! There were about 27 boats in the parade – a very nice turnout. The judges had difficult choices to make, due to all of the creatively decorated boats!    The first prize winner (and leaders of next year's parade) was “Cape Canaveral” with Eric Rioux and Penny Maxner.

Annual Meeting and Social-Sunday July 19 at 6:30 PM

Please come and enjoy light adult beverages, snacks and dessert with your neighbors and fellow CLPA members. The location is the AIR-CONDITIONED Searles School, 3 Chapel Road, Windham (next to Delahunty's Nursery). New members are welcome!

Meet your lake neighbors. Share lake stories and memories. Find out what the association has been doing. Voice your questions and opinions.

We're back online!

The Canobie Lake website is operational again.  Sorry that we were offline for several weeks.  Our website was hacked by an unknown intruder, so we took it offline for your protection.  We hired a company (WebUNITED) to rebuild it and install it on a different server, which we believe will be more secure.  It will take us a while to replace all the information that was on the old site.  We will be replacing content for several more weeks.  Thanks for your patience!

Good news! Lakes recovering from acid rain

Whatever happened to acid rain?  Remember how we used to talk about how our lakes were getting more acid, and fish couldn't reproduce, etc. ?  There's good news to share. Acid rain is diminishing, and our lakes in New England are cleaning up from it. Quote from a recent research study:

“This is really good news for New England. Lakes are accelerating in their recovery from the past effects of acid rain. Our data clearly demonstrate that cleaning up air pollution continues to have the desired effect of improving water quality for our region’s lakes,” said NHAES researcher William McDowell, professor of environmental science and director of the NH Water Resources Research Center.

Boat Parade Winners

Boat Parade Winners

The July 4 Canobie Lake Boat Parade went off without a hitch... on July 5.  The weather was beautiful then. Thanks to all 15 boats that participated.  Everyone seemed to have a great time. The judges had difficulty deciding on the prizes, with all the fine entries.  Below are photos of the winners, taken by Jay Johnson and Marian Westerberg.

Boat Parade postponed to July 5 at 1 PM

We kept hoping the weather forecast for tomorrow would improve, but it hasn't.  They are forecasting rain, and heavy rain, from 9 AM through 5 PM.  Not much fun boating in that! The forecast for Saturday, July 5, is very good.  So we will postpone the parade until Saturday at 1 PM.  Please join us then for a fun Independence Day celebration.  We'll enjoy it much more then!

Boat Parade Time?

Currently (July 3, 10 AM), rain is forecast for July 4.  Our "decision team" would like to wait until this evening to decide on postponement.  They argue that hurricanes do change course, slow down, etc., and they would hate to postpone only to find that the weather is OK on July 4.  We'll put a notice here this evening. If we do postpone, it will likely be to Saturday at 1 PM.  Sorry for the uncertainty.

Loons not nesting this year

Our resident loon pair is not nesting this year.  The Loon Society biologist has visited Canobie Lake twice, and he doesn't know why they are not.  He says there are plenty of good sites to nest, in addition to our raft.  They do not appear to be unduly disturbed by people or critters.  Best guess - they just don't feel like it. Sometimes "our" pair is joined by a third loon.  The biologist thinks the third loon is a single female.  Sometimes the three swim close together; sometimes two of them fight.  It is possible the presence of the third loon is upsetting the pair, but not certain.

The time window to nest and produce a chick which would be viable by the end of the summer is rapidly closing.  Too bad!

CLPA Annual Meeting and Social

Mark your calendars, please.  We're having our annual meeting and social on Sunday July 27 at 6:30 PM, at the Searles School, 3 Chapel Road in Windham (next to Delahunty's Nursery). We're trying a different time and format this year.  Let us know how you like it.  We're planning an enjoyable outing, a "party", with dessert and light adult beverages.  The agenda will include election of officers for next year.

If any member is interested in serving on the board of CLPA, please contact any board member in advance, and come to the meeting on 7/27/14.

We're looking forward to seeing many good friends, and catching up!