Welcome to Canobie Lake Brochure

The Canobie Lake Protective Association has just published its first Welcome brochure. It contains lots of useful information about the lake, and photos of its natural beauty, peacefulness, and opportunities for enjoyment. It also has information about protecting and preserving the lake, and restrictions that apply. We hope this will answer questions that visitors and new residents have, and inspire them to Love the Lake, as we do.

We will be distributing paper copies by mail to our members. Copies will be available at the Windham and Salem town halls. The brochure is also posted here on our website. The outside page is here. And the inside page, which is a colorful map with photos, is here.

Creating this brochure has been on our wish list for a long time. We hope you like it! Many thanks to the authors for all the effort they put into this: Betty Dunn, Suzanne Moore, and especially the leader of the team, Ginny Campiola! Thanks also to our graphic artist, Ann Marie Catabia.