CLPA Windham town report

The Canobie Lake Protective Association (CLPA) is a nonprofit
organization that was established in 1981. The CLPA continues to
advocate for the protection of Canobie Lake after 35 years.
The purpose of the association is to help protect, preserve, and improve
the quality of Canobie Lake and the surrounding watershed, while
maintaining and supporting the interests of lake users and watershed
property owners.

Because Canobie Lake is in both the Towns of Windham and Salem, the CLPA serves
both communities. Membership in the CLPA is open to all persons who support the
purpose of the association. A person may become a member by submitting a
membership form and paying the annual dues. The Board of Directors consists of 7
members of the association. Their positions are: President, Treasurer, Secretary, 2 -
Directors for Windham, and 2 Directors from Salem.

The CLPA Board of Directors meets regularly all year to coordinate efforts in all of
the following:

• Maintain communication and working relationships with the Town of Salem,
Town of Windham, Cobbett’s Pond Improvement Association, Arlington Pond
Association, NH DES, NH DOT, and NH Lakes Association
• Maintain Water Quality
• Participate in NH DES Volunteer Lake assessment (VLAP) program of
monitoring water quality
• Monitor increasing Chloride pollution (samples submitted to NHDES 6
• Advocate for reduced chloride use in the watershed
• Advocate for enforcement and strengthening of the Cobbett’s Pond and
Canobie Lake Watershed ordinance
• Maintain Water Levels
• Review and evaluate amount of water used by the Town of Salem and
advocate that no more water may be taken than can be recharged annually
• Monitor condition of the dam and coordinate maintenance with Town of
• Monitor invasive species in the Lake and coordinate with DES
• Monitor I93 construction projects and potential impact on Canobie Lake
• Encourage NH Fish and Game fish stocking program
• Coordinate with Marine Patrol for buoy placement
• Remove dangerous/hazardous floating logs
• Provide habitat/raft/protective barrier for resident Loons
• Coordinate research and monitoring of Loons with the Loon Protection
• Provide information to the public to advocate protecting Canobie Lake
• Publish 4 newsletters per year to promote membership and inform the
membership of current efforts and/or accomplishments
• Sponsor a 4th of July boat parade
• Hold an annual meeting and information forum
• Coordinate with Town of Windham and Town of Salem Police departments to
support the enforcement of the “no bodily contact” regulation
• Publish and disseminate an informational brochure about Canobie Lake
• Provide a website ( for information and updates
• Record number of members (123)
• CLPA President, Bill Schroeder, received the prestigious “John F Morten
Memorial Award for Exemplary Lake Stewardship” from the New Hampshire
Lakes Association
• Partnered with Cobbett’s Pond Improvement Association to hire legal and
engineering consultants, to represent both Associations in the protection of
the watersheds when proposals where presented to the Town of Windham
that were potential threats to the watershed
• Attended and participated in regular Salem Board of Selectmen meetings to
support the water ban and encourage the Town of Salem to find alternative
sources of water
• Actively promoted for better management of the water resource and
encourage the Town of Salem to never draw down more water than can be
recharged annually
• Attended and participated in Town of Windham Planning Board meetings
relative to the improvement of the Cobbett’s Pond and Canobie Lake
Watershed Ordinance.
• Removal of 21 logs from the lake and boat ramp area
• Coordinated the “mapping” of Canobie Lake by NH DES to establish and
monitor chloride levels
• Water samples drawn every 2 weeks (spring, summer, and fall) at 6 locations
and submitted to NHDES for chloride level monitoring
• Meetings with Town of Salem and Town of Windham to promote reduced salt
(chloride) application in snow plowing/road treatments
• Water samples drawn on 4 occasions and provided to NH DES in the
“Volunteer Lakes Assessment Program” to monitor the water quality
• Weed Watchers program coordinated 10 volunteers to do monthly
observations and submit to Weed Watching coordinator, Steve Bortone, and
• Completely rebuilt and maintained CLPA website:
• Authored, compiled, published, and disseminated the “Welcome to Canobie
Lake” brochure. (Available on or at Salem and
Windham town offices and libraries.)
• Coordinated with local merchant, Black Moose, to inventory and sell
“Canobie Lake” items.
• Researched and provided information about the “Designated floodplain” and
Flood insurance regulations
Respectfully submitted for the CLPA Board of Directors and members,
Ginny Campiola, Secretary