5/2011              Our Mission

“To help protect and improve the quality of Canobie Lake and the surrounding watershed, while maintaining and supporting the interests of lake users and watershed property owners.”

 We are your advocates: 

-        To maintain water levels

-        To maintain water quality

-        To monitor invasive species in lake and report to DES

-        To monitor I93 construction project esp. sediment control

-        To maintain communication and working relationships with the Town of Salem, Town of Windham, Arlington Pond Assoc.,

NH DOT, NH DES, & NH Lakes Assoc.

-        To encourage stocking of fish by the NH Fish and Game

-        To remove logs from Canobie

-        To improve the boat ramp

-        To keep you informed via our newsletters and web site

-        To coordinate the clean-up of the conservation land on W Shore Rd

-        To organize the 4th of July boat parade and contests

-        To hold our annual meeting and information forum

-        To provide a habitat/raft for our resident LOONS