Water levels

The Salem water management plan requires Canobie Lake level checks on specified dates from April through September.  August 30 is one of the scheduled days to check.   The predicted level at that time is 217.95.  If it is at 216.45 voluntary restrictions will be triggered.  At 215.95 restrictions will be mandatory and at 214.95 it is a DROUGHT EMERGENCY. 

 Since the water level has fallen to 216.64 feet the voluntary water restriction went into effect on August 20th.

 The town of Salem strictly adheres to theirschedule for implementation of water use restrictions.  


Water levels in Canobie Lake - FYI...

In 2011 Brandon Kernen (NHDES) did a study of Canobie Lake water levels.  He found that, historically, the levels do fluctuate by 2 to 3 feet annually.  Most significant is his finding that since Arlington Pond was brought on line the median water level is generally 2 – 2.5 feet higher.

Prior to 1997 Canobie Lake was the only source of water for the Town of Salem, since the pipe from Arlington Pond to the water treatment plant had not yet been built.

In 1997 the pipe was completed and for most years since then Arlington Pond water has been used as the source water in the winter months, and Canobie Lake from May 1 to October 10, approximately.  This allowed Canobie to recharge during the winter months and reach higher levels.