Large Developments in the Canobie Lake Watershed

There are two large commercial developments being proposed in Windham that are located near Exit 3 in the Canobie Lake watershed.  One is Gateway Park, located at the site of the former golf course and driving range at the intersection of Route 111 and 111A.  The other is Ledgeview, located between the new alignment of 111A and the northbound lanes of I-93, in what was formerly the median of I-93.  Each project is about 30 acres in size.

The CLPA Board is concerned that these projects could adversely affect Canobie Lake, by delivering pollutants and excessive amounts of stormwater to the lake.  These projects are much larger in size than any in our memory in the Canobie Lake watershed.  And they would convert areas which are currently fields and woods into developments with mostly buildings and parking lots.  Therefore the Board has decided that we need to hire some professional advisors, such as environmental engineers and legal counsel, to help us advocate for the lake. 

We wish to emphasize that the CLPA is not opposed to commercial development.  But we want to be sure that it is done in a way that is as lake-friendly as possible.  And we want all environmental requirements, including the Cobbetts Pond and Canobie Lake Watershed Protection Ordinance, to be met.

The cost of professional advice for this project will be several thousands of dollars, maybe more. It is not an expense we take lightly, but we feel it is necessary to do. Depending on how things go, we may decide to conduct a special fund raising campaign to support this effort.

We will keep you informed on the progress of our advocacy.  We will likely ask people to come out to Planning Board or Zoning Board hearings, and voice their support for protecting the lake.  We welcome your questions and concerns.  Please contact one of the officers or directors with either.

As always, thank you for your support,