2019 Annual Meeting Highlights

The Annual Meeting of the Canobie Lake Protective Association was held on Sunday, July 28, 2019 at the Searles School in Windham, NH.

The meeting recognized Ginny Campiola with a standing ovation. She is retiring as Secretary after 17 years of service on the board. She has been responsible for membership drives, maintained the membership list, composed the regular newsletters and done many other things too numerous to list. She was given a personalized embroidered carry-all bag, and a gift card as tokens of our appreciation.

CLPA 2018 Annual Meeting Results

The CLPA held its Annual Meeting on August 5 at the Searles School in Windham.  The guest speaker was NH State Senator Chuck Morse, who discussed the "Southern Route" pipeline proposal to provide Salem (and nearby towns) with an additional Water Source.  The CLPA supports this proposal, and advocates that Salem "buy in" for the maximum amount of water available.  We believe this is the best chance to protect the water levels of Canobie Lake for years to come.

Ledgeview Project Canceled!

In a somewhat surprising development it was announced on Wednesday, January 13 that Ryan Development, LLC, is no longer authorized to represent the owner of the property where the Ledgeview project was to take place. The town of Windham was asked to withdraw all the pending applications by Ryan regarding this project.


This is good news! Ledgeview was going to be a very dense shopping center, which did not come close

Large Developments in the Canobie Lake Watershed

There are two large commercial developments being proposed in Windham that are located near Exit 3 in the Canobie Lake watershed.  One is Gateway Park, located at the site of the former golf course and driving range at the intersection of Route 111 and 111A.  The other is Ledgeview, located between the new alignment of 111A and the northbound lanes of I-93, in what was formerly the median of I-93.  Each project is about 30 acres in size.


The CLPA Board is concerned that these projects could adversely affect Canobie Lake,

Annual Meeting Report - 2015


The CLPA held its Annual Meeting on July 19 at the Searles School and Chapel in Windham. Members began arriving at 6:30 PM and browsed through the information displays that were arranged around the room. There was a display of 182 brand-new photos of waterfront homes posted on the walls of the room. The photos were arranged in order, so walking around the room was like a cruise around the lake! Special thanks to Marian Johnson for the photography, and Ginny Campiola for the inspiration.

Annual Meeting and Social-Sunday July 19 at 6:30 PM

Please come and enjoy light adult beverages, snacks and dessert with your neighbors and fellow CLPA members. The location is the AIR-CONDITIONED Searles School, 3 Chapel Road, Windham (next to Delahunty's Nursery). New members are welcome!

Meet your lake neighbors. Share lake stories and memories. Find out what the association has been doing. Voice your questions and opinions.

CLPA Annual Meeting and Social

Mark your calendars, please.  We're having our annual meeting and social on Sunday July 27 at 6:30 PM, at the Searles School, 3 Chapel Road in Windham (next to Delahunty's Nursery). We're trying a different time and format this year.  Let us know how you like it.  We're planning an enjoyable outing, a "party", with dessert and light adult beverages.  The agenda will include election of officers for next year.

If any member is interested in serving on the board of CLPA, please contact any board member in advance, and come to the meeting on 7/27/14.

We're looking forward to seeing many good friends, and catching up!

2014 Membership Drive Underway

If you haven't already become a member for 2014 please join today.  Demonstrate your love for and desire to protect our beautiful lake! For each $25 membership you will receive one complimentary guest pass to Canobie Lake Park, while supplies last!  Additional contributions to CLPA will be gratefully accepted.

To join complete the form attached to the newsletter (see the recent newsletters under the Newsletter column heading).  Or, send your check payable to the CLPA to Ginny Campiola, 51 West Shore Road, Windham, NH, 03087.  To receive your guest pass(es) please enclose a return addressed, stamped envelope.

Welcome and Thank You!

CLPA Annual Meeting to be held Saturday July 20, 2013

The Annual Meeting of the Canobie Lake Protective Association will be held on Saturday July 20, 2013 from 9-11 AM at the Searles School.  The school is located at 3 Chapel Road in Windham (35 Range Road, next to Delahunty's Nursery).  Please come and meet your neighbors, and catch up on what's happening at the lake.  Refreshments will be served. An election of officers and directors will be held.  The three nominees for re-election to 2 year terms are: Ginny Campiola, Secretary; Betty Dunn, Treasurer; and Dave Blake, Director from Salem.  The other three current officers (Bill Schroeder, President; Peter Griffin, Director from Windham; and Odie Odierna, Director from Salem) will serve the second year of their 2-year terms.

For more information about the meeting, please see the July 12 newsletter.

CLPA Annual Meeting

The CLPA Annual Meeting was held on August 4, 2012.  We changed to staggered terms for the election of officers.  Elected for two-year terms were: Bill Schroeder, president; Odie Odierna, Salem director; Peter Griffin, Windham director.

Continuing for another year in their present offices are:

Ginny Campiola, secretary; Betty Dunn, treasurer; Dave Blake, Salem director; Deb Tipton, Windham director.

For more on the meeting see the October 26 newsletter.

Annual Meeting Saturday, 8/4

The Canobie Lake Protective Association will be holding its annual meeting on Saturday, August 4 from 9-11 AM.  It's at the Searles School & Chapel in Windham, located on Chapel Road off route 111, opposite St. Matthew Church.  The meeting is open to the public. From 9-10 AM there will be a social time and a business meeting.  At 10 AM our guest speaker, Alexis Rudko, will give a talk on the status of loons in New Hampshire.  Alexis is a field biologist for the Loon Preservation Committee.  She has visited Canobie Lake many times in recent years, to observe the pair of loons that nest on the lake.  For those who love loons, and are concerned about their survival in New Hampshire, this will be a very interesting talk.

More information is available in the latest newsletter.

Canobie Lake Protective Ordinance Passes in Windham

We Won!!  The Canobie Lake Watershed Protection Ordinance passed in Windham, by a vote of 1659 to 941, according to the Windham Patch. Our sincere thanks to all of you who worked for its passage, and all of the townspeople who voted for it.  It reflects well on the people of Windham.  It says we're willing to take the necessary steps to protect our precious natural resources, specifically our beloved Canobie Lake.

The Board of Directors

Vote Yes - Citizens Petition #3

The CLPA Board has filed a citizens petition for the Town of Windham  election on March 13, 2012. We are asking that the Windham voters enact an ordinance protecting Canobie Lake.  For simplicity, we are asking them to extend the same rules of the 2010 Cobbetts Pond Watershed Protection Ordinance to include Canobie Lake.  This step was recommended by our engineer consultant, in his watershed study as presented at our annual meeting last July and has the support of the Windham Planning Board with a 7-0 vote. We're happy to report that we have talked with a subcommittee of the Windham Economic Development Committee, and they have decided to support the ordinance.  They have some concerns about implementation, and we have agreed to cooperate with them and all involved groups, to improve the ordinance if needed.

We have received strong letters of support for the ordinance.  One is from the president of the NH Lakes Association.  Another is from the NH Department of Environmental Services.  And another is from the Director of the Salem Public Works Department. Please click on the links below to read the letters of support.

Russell LOS for Canobie

20111212 LOS DES to Windham

NHLakes LOS Canobie WPO

Remember, we need your help in our campaign! Please talk to your friends and neighbors to get out the vote in support of protecting our wonderful natural resource, Canobie Lake.  Encourage everyone you know to be sure to cast their vote on March 13th and, especially, to vote YES for the citizens petition to extend the Cobbetts Pond Watershed Ordinances to include Canobie Lake.   Here is a list of reasons to vote in favor of our petition.

                                                             WHY VOTE TO EXTEND

                                        THE COBBETTS POND WATERSHED ORDINANCE

                                                     TO INCLUDE CANOBIE LAKE?

To preserve and protect the quality of the water in Canobe Lake   Currently, Canobie Lake is  an exceptional (class A) natural resource and drinking water reservoir for the town of Salem. 78% of Canobie Lake’s Watershed is in the Town of Windham and would be protected by this ordinance.

To comply with the 2005 Windham Master Plan  It identifies the “need to improve water supply protection efforts”.

To insure that “storm water runoff” does not contribute to deterioration of water quality

The “watershed” of Canobie Lake is that area around the lake where storm waters from rain and runoff eventually feed into the lake.  Storm water runoff is the greatest contributor of pollutants and contaminants.

To prevent a situation where expensive restoration would be needed  Cobbett's Pond restoration is estimated to cost $4 million.

To manage conscientious development while not preventing development within the watershed  The Cobbett's Pond Watershed Ordinance was overwhelmingly voted for and has proven to be successful.

To minimize impervious surfaces within the watershed  The greatest contributing factor to deterioration of water quality is an increase in impervious surfaces within the watershed.  Any such increase would prevent water to filter through the ground before feeding into the lake. Ordinances limiting any increase in impervious surfaces will help protect and maintain the current water quality.

Thank you for helping to preserve and protect Canobie Lake.   Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

 The CLPA Board of Directors

2011 Annual Meeting Report

Refreshments T-shirt Sales

Minutes of Annual Meeting  7/16/2011   (draft to be approved at annual meeting 2012)

Meeting called to order at 9:30 AM at Searles School and Chapel

In attendance (a quorum): Bill Schroeder, president; Ginny Campiola, secretary; Betty Dunn, treasurer; Marie Maio, Dave Blake, Mary Warren, and Odie Odierna, directors, and approximately 22 other members of the CLPA

Bill Schroder

Welcome and introduction of CLPA Board by Pres Bill Schroeder

Agenda passed out to all

Thank You to volunteers

Report by Bill Schroeder of Years accomplishments (VLAP, Monitor I93 project, 4th of July Parade, Log removal, fishing, meeting with manager of Town of Salem, monitoring of Salem and Transfer of water issue, loon raft and monitoring)

Update on Loons and visit by Loon biologist by Dick Hannon

Treasurer’s report   Refer to report as on Annual meeting handout.  Question of interest earned – not available on a  nonprofit checking account

Membership Voting:     Motion to:   adopt the dues at $25 for the coming year.  Discussion of why not 2 park tickets for one membership as in the past.  All 200 passes were used last year as is projected for this year.       2nd and approved

Nick Sceggell

Introduction of Nick Sceggell. Granite State Rural Water Association.

Click here to view the 2011 Watershed Drainage Study

Points of interest included;

What is a watershed?

Why track phosphorous?, Town of Salem requested that DOT increase the watershed for Canobie to maximize water replenishment, Canobie has a small watershed for such a large body of water indicating that it has underground water replenishment, Canobie may have 80% spring fed (Per Dave Blake),  Attorney Post asked if the line denoting the watershed is an officially recognized and accepted boundary line – it was designated by NH DOT and is used in the I93 project.  What are sources of problems from water runoff?

Storm Drainage mapping.  Canobie Watershed breakdown of impervious surfaces.  Canobie has higher impervious surface than Cobbetts.  Lawns are considered 30% impervious.  The Applewood golf course area is designated “recreation” use in the watershed study. Commercial development has 75% impervious.  What we can do to help.Reference to:  NH Homeowners Guide to Storm water Management  (available on line and will be printed in the future)

NH Residential Loading Model  (available on line).   Nick will be working through August and is available for reference and information

Brandon Dreyfuss

Presentation by Brandon Dreyfuss on his Eagle Scout project to clean up the conservation lots on West Shore Road.

Betty Dunn

Presentation by Betty Dunn on the Pine Ridge Road lot that is owned by CLPA.  Donated in 1981, appraised $9,000, taxes $200/year      Stream through property so in WWPD  What should be done?  Donate to conservation, sell, etc?     Asked members for input.

For the future:  Dick Hannon asked that CLPA board take an active role in requesting that NH DOT install adequate sound barriers to maximize noise reduction from 93.  Bill Schroeder discussed communication that he has had with DOT- Newer style barriers help with areas close to the barrier on both sides but do not help with areas far away (as is the other side of the lake).  Discussion continued about the Squire Armor Road request for sound barriers and the findings that are based on federal guidelines that deny them approval.Report of DOT plans to leave the old north bound lane area from Common Man south as conservation land.  The asphalt will be removed and plantings installed.  Hopefully they will help as a sound barrier.  Also, the CLPA may decide to write to the NH DOT in support of maintaining the elevation of the road bed in the area of the retention ponds so as to act as a sound barrier.

Meeting adjourned 11:20 AM

Ginny Campiola

Thank you to Secretary Ginny Campiola for taking the minutes