Possible Changes in Use of Hayes Hart Boat Launch

There is a boat ramp at Hayes Hart Road in Windham that has been used for many years to take boats in and out of Canobie Lake.  It is posted as being for use by Windham residents only.  Apparently that is due to a deed restriction which was a condition when the land was donated to the Town of Windham.  For years it has been used by Salem residents, and others, too.  Recently the Windham chief of police said the use by non-Windham residents has become a problem and has asked the Windham Selectmen to consider installing a lock on the gate, and distributing keys only to Windham residents.

The CLPA board did not initiate this change.  We did not know it was happening until we read about the Selectmen's meeting. We understand the Selectmen have asked the chief to propose some rules about how this lock and key arrangement would work. And until that happens the Windham selectmen will not officially approve a new plan.They will probably hold a public hearing in the fall of 2018 and any implementation will not take effect until spring of 2019.

This is a serious issue because the Hayes Hart ramp is the only public ramp that can accommodate boats on trailers.  Salem residents who keep a boat on the lake will be stuck without a public ramp if the restriction is strictly enforced.

This issue is being addressed by the board of the CLPA.  We will be working to represent all of our members and lakefront neighbors to negotiate some agreement of friendly cooperation.  Balancing the needs and concerns of all parties is the key.

We are monitoring the posted agendas of the Windham Board of Selectmen.   If we see that it is on their agenda we will post the date and time and advise our members and neighbors as to needs for public input.

Thank you for your patience and confidence in our leadership to help resolve this difficult situation.