CLPA 2018 Annual Meeting Results

The CLPA held its Annual Meeting on August 5 at the Searles School in Windham.  The guest speaker was NH State Senator Chuck Morse, who discussed the "Southern Route" pipeline proposal to provide Salem (and nearby towns) with an additional Water Source.  The CLPA supports this proposal, and advocates that Salem "buy in" for the maximum amount of water available.  We believe this is the best chance to protect the water levels of Canobie Lake for years to come.

Outgoing president Dale Valvo reported on the last year's activities of the CLPA.  He touched on: increased water demand from new development projects in Salem, sources for additional water for the Salem municipal system, rising level of chloride contamination in Canobie Lake, our effort to minimize stormwater runoff from the new Gateway Park development, the chemical PFOS found in high concentration in one Canobie loon egg, and a proposal from the Windham police to limit access to the boat launch at Hayes Hart Road.  For information on these topics please see our newsletters, which are posted elsewhere on this site.

Election results

Don Piccirillo was elected to be the new president of the CLPA. Don is not only from Salem, but is a respected and responsible leader in the Salem community. Jeff Schulte was elected to be a director from Salem. Jeff served on the CLPA board years ago and has now, again, taken on a leadership role to protect our beautiful natural resource, Canobie Lake. Jeff is also well connected and respected in the Town of Salem.

Bill Schroeder and Kenny Samel were elected as directors from Windham.  Bill has 18+ years of commitment to the lake and the CLPA. He is highly respected for his scientific expertise, participation, knowledge, and leadership. Kenny is fully committed to making the mission of CLPA a priority in his retirement years. We are privileged to have Bill and Kenny on our team.

The CLPA board is determined to represent all of you and work to make the Canobie Lake Protective Association a cohesive organization that works together in the interest of our shared mission. There is no place within the organization to make separate distinctions as to whether a member is from Salem or Windham. We are one organization with one mission.

It may seem that the powers that be in the two communities of Salem and Windham have different perspectives of the CLPA. Our By-Laws require that our board have representatives from both Salem and Windham. Both communities and their leaders should recognize that we are one association with one mission…to protect Canobie Lake.