Annual Meeting Report - 2015

The CLPA held its Annual Meeting on July 19 at the Searles School and Chapel in Windham. Members began arriving at 6:30 PM and browsed through the information displays that were arranged around the room. There was a display of 182 brand-new photos of waterfront homes posted on the walls of the room. The photos were arranged in order, so walking around the room was like a cruise around the lake! Special thanks to Marian Johnson for the photography, and Ginny Campiola for the inspiration.

Odie Odierna led the group in some getting-to-know-you activities which were a lot of fun. There were 34 members and several guests attending. A variety of snacks and beverages were offered.

Bill Schroeder, president, opened the business part of the meeting. Minutes from the 2014 meeting were approved. Betty Dunn, treasurer, gave a brief financial summary for 2014 and 2015 to-date. Officers elected were: Ginny Campiola, secretary; Betty Dunn, treasurer; Suzanne Moore, director.

Then the officers and directors led a discussion of recent activities. Bill reported on the water level and water quality as reported by the VLAP sampling which we continue to do with NH DES. Dave Blake reported on the July Fourth boat parade and Ginny reported on the informational brochure which she, Betty and Suzanne are developing. Dale Valvo talked about fishing and Dave about loons. Bill discussed rebuilding I-93 and also our CLPA website. We also talked about the use of salt in our watershed (which is increasing the chloride concentration in the lake), the proposed Gateway Park commercial development (located completely in our watershed) and the long-standing swimming ban.

Overall the meeting was a good exchange of information, and provided our members the opportunity to get to know each other better and learn more about the lake we all enjoy. Thanks to everyone for coming out!