CLPA Officer Elections to be held at Meeting on July 17

The nominees for election to 2 year terms are:

               Dale Valvo, president

Jeff Boyer, Director from Salem (replacing Odie)

Marian Johnson, director from Windham (replacing Peter)

Bill Schroeder, director from Windham (replacing Dale)

The other current board members, Betty Dunn, treasurer, Ginny Campiola, secretary, and Suzanne Moore, director from Salem, will serve the second year of their 2-year terms.

According to the CLPA bylaws, any member who wishes to run for an office may do so by notifying the Board at least 15 days prior to the Annual Meeting. As of this posting no one has notified the Board; therefore the nominations are closed. Write-in candidates and nominations at the time of the meeting are not permitted.

Heartfelt thanks go to Odie Odierna and Peter Griffin for their years of excellent service to the board!