CLPA 2018 Annual Meeting

6:30 PM, Sunday August 5th

At the Searles School, 3 Chapel Road, Windham

(35 Range Rd, next to Delahunty’s)


Annual Meeting Agenda:

6:30 PM Introduction and Presentation by Senator Chuck Morse

Followed by questions and answers

Non Members of the Canobie Lake Protective Assoc. are welcome to leave while

members need to remain for the “business” part of the annual meeting

7:15 PM President, Dale Valvo, will the review the Association's activities of 2017-8.

Betty (Treasurer’s report), Marian (Approval of minutes from 2017 Annual meeting).

7:30 PM election of officers and directors (See election information below)


We are honored to welcome:

Senator Chuck Morse

He will be discussing the “Southern Route” pipeline proposal to

provide Salem with an “Additional Water Source”. The CLPA is in

support of the proposed “Southern Route” and will be promoting that

Salem buy in for the maximum amount of water available. We believe

this is the best chance that we can protect the water levels of Canobie

Lake for years to come.



The CLPA Board of Directors has voted to present the following slate of candidates :


President; Don Piccirillo

Director/Windham; Bill Schroeder

Director/Windham; Kenny Samel

Director/Salem; Don Piccirillo (if not elected President)

Director/Salem; Jeff Schulte


There are other candidates running (please note that the position of the second Director

from Salem is contingent on the outcome of the election for president):

President; Tanya Donnelly

Director/Salem; Jeff Boyer

Director/Salem; Dave Blake


The other current board members (Ginny Campiola, Secretary, Betty Dunn, Treasurer,

Tanya Donnelly, Director, Salem) will all be serving out the 2nd of their 2 year terms unless

they are voted into different positions on the board.

According to the CLPA bylaws, any member who wishes to run for an office may do so by

notifying the Board at least 15 days prior to the Annual Meeting. Write-in candidates and

nominations at the time of the meeting are not permitted. Only members of the CLPA are

eligible to vote.


Thank you to our outgoing board members:

Dale Valvo, CLPA President and Marian Johnson, Director from Windham.

They have both been invaluable in so many ways and will be missed.